Max Krakers

Writer, business strategist


Physics, Chemistry, gaming, technology, literature, ballroom dancing

Iím a student at the University of Twente in Enschede and people tell me that Iíve got a knack for business. Iíve also been called a walking encyclopedia of useless knowledge and once I start talking I just canít seem to stop. Iím rather passionate about Physics, especifically Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics and I love deep, meaningful discussions that lead nowhere about things that donít really matter. I used to write poetry and apart from writing for ARHDian Iím working on a novel (although it might take me a few more decades to finish it)

Since childhood, Iíve had to deal with being a bit different than most people. This lead to years of isolation, getting bullied, depression and got me familiar with some dark corners of my brain. Luckily Iíve left most of that behind me and the only real side effect is a profound hatred for the urge to generalize in psychiatry and medicine in general. My past also meant that I had to deal with loads of stereotypes, so when I heard about CrackBrained I was immediately interested, coupled with the fact that I live with one of the mangakas and my unnatural urge to help out, I couldnít resist the urge to offer them my assistance. Letís hope that it proves to be useful.


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