Beta readers
The beta readers will need to make sure our books contain no grammar or spelling mistakes and are readable and understandable to everyone. Their understanding of the English language needs to be top notch.

Our PR person is always looking for opportunities to spread our name. They give interviews and take care of our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and things of the sort. They will gain control over all email traffick and the website when the circle leader is disabled.
The people responsible for sponsoring will be looking for businesses that are willing to pay for advertisements or provide us with freebies to hand out during book sales.

Graphic Designers
Graphic designers will be supporting the PR/Sponsoring department. They design advertisements for our own books and make sure a sponsor's advertisement will look good in our booklet.
They are also responsible for the website's layout.

The editors make sure the books come together nicely. They make or check the spine, cover and back text, and make sure there are no design or color/greyscale imbalances. They will also be responsible for the construction of the books itself, when the circle leader is disabled.

Lastly, if you are a skilled sculptor, baker, sewer, knitter, jewelry crafter or possess other skills that can be used to create merchandise, we would love to have you on our team.

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