All-round mangaka are self-supporting and skilled in the storyboarding, sketching, inking and toning of their comics. You may or may not choose to cooperate with one of our writers.
For this category, the requirement of handling Manga Studio isn't needed, since they do not need to cooperate with other mangaka.

Providing the basics. These mangaka are very skilled sketch artists, with a good understanding of page panelling and storyboarding. You will need to be skilled in human anatomy, surroundings, or both. Please keep in mind that finding a partner who can draw either the backgrounds or the characters to your comic may take a while. Sketches may be made by hand, but you must be able to convert them to a Manga Studio file.

Line artists
The line artists are responsible for the inking of comics. This may be done in any program or traditionally, as long as you are able to convert your files to Manga Studio files.

Tone artists
Tone artists provide the finishing touches to the comics. Since this is the final step in the process, knowledge of Manga Studio is not required.

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